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Safety First

Regarding Wisconsin Law

Bottom Line:                      It's legal as long as it's UNLOADED!

For more information regarding the use of the MGC in WI read our FAQ #6.  Or follow this link (make sure to scroll down to #167.31(4)(d) to read the actual state statue. 

Regarding Pennsylvania Law

Title 34 Pa.C.S.A. Game
ยง 2503. Loaded firearms in vehicles:

a) General rule.--Except as otherwise provided in this title, it is unlawful for any person to have a firearm of any kind in or on or against any conveyance propelled by mechanical power or its attachments at any time whether or not the vehicle or its attachment is in motion unless the firearm is unloaded [emphasis added].

Bottom Line:                      It's legal as long as it's UNLOADED!


The MAGnet Gun Caddy is not intended for use with a loaded gun. Our retail packaging and the MGC holder itself are clearly marked with warnings not to use with a loaded gun. NEVER leave a loaded gun unattended or set in the MGC.

MAGnet Gun Caddy vs. Casing Your Gun

The MAGnet Gun Caddy was not designed to take the place of casing your gun. As we were all taught in gun safety, when you are done hunting and/or driving from field to field, you should always make sure your gun is unloaded and in its case.

The MAGnet Gun Caddy was designed for all the times during your field hunting or clay target shotgun shooting that you need to temporarily set your gun down.

Think about the all the times you look for a place – whether it's when you need to stop at your car to water your dog or get additional ammunition, or just before you open the car to dig out your firearm case, the MGC provides a secure and handy place to rest your gun!

Now compare using the MGC to some of the places you've seen guns set (or set yourself) like on the ground, against the side of the car, against a tailgate or wheel, or even in a door jamb. Why risk damaging your gun or car? Protect your investments. The MGC is simply a smarter way to rest your gun.



Don't Rest Your Gun like this! Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy



Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy as a staging point in and ourt of your gun safe


North American Hunting Club seal of Approval for the Magnet Gun Caddy



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