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MAGnet Gun Caddy Home - A Smarter Way to Rest Your Gun - Secure It!-18


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Most of our customers end up purchasing multiple Magnet Gun Caddies.

Read what a customer who recently reordered had to say after we inquired about his multiple purchases:

On Jun 21, 2012, at 12:30 PM, Mike Kasbohm wrote:

Hi James,
I wanted to take a moment to both thank you for your order today (as well as previous), and see if you might be willing to help me learn a thing or two!
I see that this is your third order for four MGC’s, and I’m curious how you are using them if you are willing to share that information…
Are they all personal use?
Thanks again for your business!


From: James Smith [mailto:removed for privacy]
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 11:36 AM
To: Mike Kasbohm
Subject: Re: Magnet Gun Caddy order

Hi Mike,

Absolutely, happy to do so. Great, well made and innovative product.

My wife and I are casual, recreational skeet and sporting clays shooters. We bought the first set of 4 for ourselves, used primarily to hold our shotguns upright in our home storage area rather than on our car or truck.

We liked the caddy so much we then bought a second set to give to our friends who shoot.

Now after a move, we are outfitting a new gun storage locker and find we can use two more caddies there, and then have two left to keep in our truck for when we might want to safely lean our guns on the truck when we are at the range.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


Jim Smith
Simpsonville KY



Don't Rest Your Gun like this! Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy



Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy as a staging point in and ourt of your gun safe


North American Hunting Club seal of Approval for the Magnet Gun Caddy



The MAGnet Gun Caddy - Made In USA! 


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